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Fastcap Woodworking Tools

Fastcap 3rd Hand

3rd Hand HD

Provides support, bracing or clamping for whenever you might need an extra hand. Great for holding crown molding, as a load stabilizer, hanging drywall, creating a dust barrier and more.

Fastcap 3rd Hand Laser Jamb System

3rd Hand Laser Jamb System

Combine the LaserMount and the 3rd Hand with a laser level for a great leveling tool.

Fastcap 3rd Hand Contractor's Kit

3rd Hand 4 Pack Kit

Includes four 3rd Hand support poles and carrying bag.

Fastcap Little Hand

Little Hand HD

Provides support, bracing or clamping like the 3rd Hand only in smaller and tighter spaces.

Fastcap Glue-Bot

Glue-Bot Glue Bottle

The Glu-Bot from FastCap is the only glue bottle that will not drip or spill. You never have to clean up glue spills or drips again.

Fastacp Woodworking Tools

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