Shark Saw Pullsaws

"Pull to Cut – Won't Buckle or Jump"

The "pull-to-cut" method of these pullsaws place the blade in tension and can utilize the thin blade which gives the least resistance – resulting in the fastest and cleanest cuts.

  • The pull saw blades are made of high carbon spring steel with minimal teeth set.
  • Individual saw teeth are diamond ground (not stamped) on three edges for extremely smooth and fast cuts.
  • SharkSaw teeth are "Electric Impulse Hardened" to stay sharp up to 5 times longer than an ordinary saw.
  • Teeth are longer and angled to work efficiently with "pull-to-cut" method, every 5th tooth is made at a different angle to clean debris from the kerf.
  • Handles are made of high impact ABS plastic, designed with a push button blade release for blade replacement and compact storage.

SharkSaw 10-2205 Pullsaw

7", 19 & 24 Pt/In Trim & Detail Double Blade

PART#: 10-2205
COST: $15.50

This superior double saw is designed for trim, detail, flush cuts, jamb cuts and other fine craft and hobby work. Its teeth are ground to end of the blade, making it ideal for flush cutting molding and mid-panel plunge cuts. The blade is made from the finest Japanese high-carbon spring steel and features 19-tpi and 24-tpi crosscut teeth for smooth, splinter-free cuts on soft or exotic hardwoods. A high-quality elastomer soft-grip handle makes it extremely comfortable, and its one-step, twist lock feature makes blade replacement quick and easy. This double saw is prized by finishing carpenters, flooring professionals, and serious, skilled woodworkers alike because of its efficiency and compact, convenient size that fits into most tool bags with ease. Recommended for trim, detail, flush cuts, jamb cuts, and fine craft and hobby work in soft or exotic hardwoods.

SharkSaw 01-2205 Replacement Blade

7", 19 & 24 Pt/In Trim & Detail Double Replacement Blade

PART#: 01-2205
COST: $11.50

SharkSaw 10-2440 Pullsaw

9-1/2", 9 & 17 Pt/In Fine Cut Double Blade

PART#: 10-2440
COST: $19.95

An excellent Jamb saw! This is the traditional Japanese saw. The FineCut Double Saw has cross cut teeth (17 per inch) to work across the wood grain, and rip teeth (9 per inch) to cut with the grain. This unique Japanese design has been used to build everything from houses to castles to shrines. Although the blade is very flexible, it cuts exceptionally straight. It is designed for applications where precision outweighs speed. Many professionals use this tool as a jamb saw for cutting door moldings and casing coverings. The straight handle, combined with the flexible blade, allows for efficient, effective close work and flush cutting. For this reason, the FineCut Double Saw is ideal for finishing carpenters, flooring professionals, and serious, skilled woodworkers. Its long, straight handle lets you reach high places; the pull-motion makes cutting easy. It's great for sawing large pieces of foam boards, and excels at cutting plywood and particle board. The precision-ground blade ensures super-accurate cutting, and because it's so thin, very little material is wasted. It slices right through melamine without chipping! Recommended for all sizes of plywood, particle board and melamine. All types of wood siding; staircase construction; accurate cuts of all angles. Great for trimming a thin strip from the bottom of a door to accommodate thick carpeting without removing the door from its hinges. Cuts through flat foam sheets; moldings of all sizes and widths at all angles.

SharkSaw 01-2440 Replacement Blade

9-1/2", 9 & 17 Pt/In Fine Cut Replacement Blade

PART#: 01-2440
COST: $14.50

SharkSaw 10-2410 Pullsaw

10-5/8", 19 Pt/In Extra FineCut

PART#: 10-2410
COST: $26.00

Extremely thin saw blade with fine 19 pt/inch teeth. Great for fine detail sawing, dovetail, mitering, model making, picture framing, thin walled PVC, and moulding.

SharkSaw 01-2410 Replacement Blade

10-5/8", 19 Pt/In Extra FineCut Replacement Blade

PART#: 01-2410
COST: $16.00

SharkSaw 10-2312 Pullsaw

12", 14 Pt/In General Carpentry

PART#: 10-2312
COST: $18.50

The best choice for general carpentry jobs. Great for general carpentry sawing like particleboard, plywood/paneling, thick walled PVC & ABS pipes, drywall, and treated lumber.

SharkSaw 01-2312 Replacement Blade

12", 14 Pt/In General Carpentry Replacement Blade

PART#: 01-2312
COST: $12.00

SharkSaw 10-2315 Pullsaw

15", 10 Pt/In General Carpentry

PART#: 10-2315
COST: $23.50

Quickly and cleanly saw large lumber with this 15" saw (4x4 and larger). Great for sawing dimensional, framing, treated lumber, and logs.

SharkSaw 01-2315 Replacement Blade

15", 10 Pt/In General Carpentry Replacement Blade

PART#: 01-2315
COST: $16.50

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LeadCheck Instant Lead Testing Swabs

PART#: 8S20C
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PART#: W1389
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