Bessey Clamps

Bessey Tools traces its origins back to 1889 in Bietighiem, Germany where Max Bessey founded a bright drawn steel mill. While more than a century has passed, the name Bessey continues to be synonymous with quality in the steel industry. To this day, rigid demanding production standards ensure the uncompromising quality of Bessey bright drawn steel. That steel forms the cornerstone of the legendary line of Bessey clamps.



Bessey Clamps

Bessey Spring Clamps

Spring Clamps

Bessey Spring Clamps are convenient, inexpensive "extra hands". Spring operated jaws hold any material quickly and efficiently.

Bessey C Clamp


Designed especially for light general purpose and DIY projects.

Bessey K-Body Revo Clamp

K-Body Revo Clamps

Use the Bessey K Body Revo Clamp anywhere where high pressure clamping, 90 degree clamping or powerful spreading is required. With clamping forces up to 1500 lbs, 30% larger clamping surfaces and sensible accessories the Revo clamp can do the job.

Bessey K Body Maxis VarioPivot

K Body Maxis VarioPivot

A clamping system that turns the K Body clamp into a flexible, vario-pivot bench fixture.

Bessey S-10 Vise Clamp

S-10 Vise Clamp

Highly versatile, this unique tool is ideal for holding rounds, rectangles and odd-shaped objects.

Bessey Bar Clamps

EZS One Hand Clamp and Spreader

Easy conversion from clamping to spreading - no tools required. 445 lbs of clamping force.

Bessey Bar Clamps

Bar Clamps w/Clutch

Well balanced, ergonomic design for easy clamping of work pieces with up to 600 lbs of force.

Bessey Tradesmen Bar Clamps

Tradesmen Bar Clamps

Tradesmen TG bar clamps for woodworking, construction, maintenance and general purpose applications. The original malleable, cast-iron bar clamps from Bessey.

Bessey MightyMini Clamp

MightyMini Clamp

The 2" clamp that does the work of 1", 2" or 3" C-clamp.

Bessey VAS-23 Variable Angle Strap Clamp

VAS-23 Variable Angle Strap Clamp

A gear and strap clamp for distortion-free multi-angled clamping.

Bessey EKT-55 One Hand Edge Clamp

EKT-55 One Hand Edge Clamp

The EKT-55 Professional One Hand Edge Clamp is light and easy to handle. It is ideal for applying multi-layered edge strips with just one hand! Specially developed to make your day-to-day work even easier.

Bessey Spindle Edge Clamps

Spindle Edge Clamps

Converts most standard bar clamps to a three way edge clamp.

Bessey Cutting Tools

Bessey D48A-BE Erdi Snip

D48A-BE Erdi Snip

Multi-Purpose Offset Snip.

Hot Tool Deals!!!

LeadCheck Instant Lead Testing Swabs

LeadCheck Instant Lead Testing Swabs

PART#: 8S20C
COST: $22.50

Self-contained test units which provide a rapid, easy to use, specific test for lead on any surface.


100 Pc Master Screwdriver Bit Set

PART#: W1389
COST: $9.95

Includes phillips, slotted, torx, clutch, spline, square, spanner, hex, triwing, pozi, metric bits and holders.


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