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Bosch DWM40L MiterFinder
3 Tools In 1...Digital Protractor, Level, & Angle Finder

ANGLE FINDERS Manual & Digital
See the DAF220K MiterFinder

Bosch DWM40L MiterFinder Angle Finder Kit

Bosch DWM40L MiterFinder Angle Finder Application Make the first cut the right cut! The Bosch DWM40L MiterFinder is a great tool for...
Calculating compound molding cuts,
Measuring exact trim cuts for remodeling,
Checking / transferring angles for remodeling,
Cabinet and counter installation,
Measuring roofing angles,
Fitting windows and doors,
Aligning wood forms for concrete pouring,
Fitting up carpeting, parquette and tile floors,
Aligning and checking banisters and rails,
Checking for correct fit-up to any angle surface,
Truing saw blades.
Total Length: 17"
Leg Length: 16"
Measuring Range: 0' to 220'
Electronic: ±0.1
Readout: 0.1
Vial: ±0.05
Power: 4 AA 1.5V Batteries
Battery Life: 100 Hours

Versatile measuring tool, the Bosch MiterFinder is 4 tools in one - Angle Finder, Compound Cut Calculator, Protractor, Level.
Angle Finder - Determines the exact angles of jobsite or work piece, eliminating guesswork.
Compound Cut Calculator - Automatically determines the exact miter and bevel settings necessary to make each crown molding cut fit precisely.
Protractor - precisely positions the work piece or intended cut line at the desired angle.
Level - Built-in vertical and horizontal spirit levels, accurate to 0 ±0.05°.
Hold Function - To freeze measurements.
Digital readout displays on front and back - For easier use.
Leg Extension - For accurately measuring hard-to-reach angles.
Rugged construction for durability.
Calculates miter and bevel angles automatically for compound crown molding cuts In 3 Easy Steps!

1) MEASURE SPRING ANGLE: Measure the spring angle of the moulding (usually 38°) by aligning the back of the moulding against the MiterFinder. Press the BV/MT button once. The LCD will display the exact spring angle.

2) MEASURE CORNER ANGLE: Measure the wall corner angle (usually 90°) by placing and extending the MiterFinder horizontally in the corner where the moulding will go. Press the BV/MT button again. The LCD will display the exact corner angle.

3) COMPUTE ANGLES: Press the BV/MT button a third time and the LCD will display the exact miter angle reading. Record this angle and press the BV/MT button a fourth time to display the exact bevel setting. Record this reading.
Now you are ready to quickly and accurately adjust your compound miter saw with these two essential measurements for making the right cut the first time!

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