Porter-Cable 7424XP Buffer / Polisher Facts

The New and Improved 7424XP Random Orbit (Dual Action) Polisher

Porter-Cable 7424XP Polisher Body

The New and Improved Porter Cable 7424XP is the ultimate automotive detailers machine. A random orbit (dual action) polisher is much faster than hand application of polishing chemicals and produces superior finish quality. The superior finish one time reserved for expert users of an orbital polisher is created without the risk of damaging expensive automotive finishes and clear coats. The 7424XP provides the ultimate finish with minimal effort and time.
Other random orbit polishers can bog down because they don't have the torque necessary to keep the pad spinning as pressure is applied to the work surface. The 7424XP delivers the power necessary to remove scratches and swirls while minimizing vibration.
The 7424XP upgrades the power and improves the ergonomics vs. the industry standard 7424. This new polisher is simple enough for the beginner and has the durability and performance to satisfy the most demanding professional user.

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7424XP Key Benefits

  • Stronger Performance: More power (22% increase over existing 7424 Polisher) to maintain speed under load.
  • Higher Speed: At 6,800 Oorbits per minute the 7424XP has 13% higher maximum speed.
  • Increased Durability: Stronger motor for higher overload protection.
  • Improved Ergonomics: New smoother body for better grip and comfort and new front grip/gear case cover for better control.

7424XP vs 7424, Spec Comparison

Porter-Cable 7424XP Polisher Comparison
7424 4.88 10" 3" 9" 2,500-6,000 3.7 Standard
7424XP 4.77 11" 3.25" 8.75" 2,500-6,800 4.5 More Durable

7424XP Features

Porter-Cable 7424XP Car Buffer, Polisher Features
  • The 7424XP provides random, swirl-free polishing action provides best finish for removal or polishing.
  • Converts between a 5" and 6" sander or 6" random orbit buffer / polisher.
  • Spiral / bevel gears.
  • 100% ball bearing construction for proven reliability under industrial use.
  • Two position side handle for improved control and versatility.
  • 7424XP housing ergonomics improves user comfort during use.
  • Switch design to be more durtable in industrial environments.
  • The 7424XP provides greater speed range (2,500-6,800 OPM) for fast or controled polishing - will not burn paint.

7424 XP Instructional DVD How To Use the 7424 Video DVD
This is the premiere instructional video DVD hosted and written by Mike Phillips that covers How to Use the Porter-Cable 7424XP Car Buffer and more.


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