Porter-Cable 7424XP Counterweight Facts

5" or 6" Polishing Applications

The counterweight is a half-moon shaped piece of metal attached to the rotating shaft of the tool. This smooths out the random orbit action by providing a counter balance to the elliptical orbit of the rotating backing pad. If you change the pad size you must also change the counterweight or suffer unnecessary vibration and possible damage to the tool.

7424XP Polisher Facts

7424XP Polisher

7424XP Countweights

The counterweight off-sets the weight of the pad and ensures overall balance of the system. The Counterweight always has to match the pad to minimize vibration.

Porter-Cable 7424XP 5 Inch Counterweight 5" Pad Counterweight

For pads between 95 and 105 grams.
Porter-Cable 7424XP 6 Inch Counterweight 6" Counterweight

For pads between 125 and 135 grams.

7424XP Polisher Counterweight Detail There are two different counter-weights which are clearly marked to indicate use with either a 5" or 6" backing pad. Therefore, if you decide to outfit the 7424XP with a 6" backing pad you must use the 6" counterweight. If you decide to use 5" backing pads you must use the 5" counterweight.

NOTE: This applies for sanding as well as polishing applications.

The Exception

Porter-Cable 54745 Polishing Pad

The only exception is when using the 54745 6" Foam Polishing Pad. Due to its light weight and the small-diameter of the backing pad, it can be used with the 5" or 6" pad counterweight. Porter-Cable outfits the 7424XP Car Polisher with the 5" pad counterweight.

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