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Lenox One-Tooth Wood Hole Cutters

Lenox One-Tooth Wood Hole Cutter
  • Lenox One-Tooth Hole Cutters cut 3 times faster than regular hole saws.
  • Safer and less torque than self feed bits, therefore...
    Causes less fatigue on the user
    Can be run on lower power machines
    Can also run at higher speeds (1200 RPM)
  • Easy plug ejection.
  • Cuts wet, frozen, pressure treated, and hard wood without binding (unlike self-feed bits).
  • Resharpenable.
  • Cuts more than 300 holes before resharpening is even needed.
  • Deep enough to go through 2 x 4 and 3/4" plywood.

See the One-Tooth Hole Saw Kits.

Lenox One-Tooth Hole Cutters

Lenox One-Tooth Hole Cutter
21/4" 1-1/2" (38mm) pipe & 45°/90° bend couplings. 25436 $25.50
23/4" 2" (51mm) pipe & 45°/90° bend couplings. 25444 $27.50
35/8" 3" (76mm) pipe. 25456 $38.50
4" 3" (76mm) pipe & coupling. 25464 $48.50
45/8" 4" (102mm) pipe. 25474 $59.00
5" 4" (102mm) pipe & coupling. 25480 $65.00
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Lenox One-Tooth Arbors

Lenox recommends using heavy-duty 1/2" shank arbors with the One-Tooth wood hole cutters. The arbors below include a twist drill pilot bit.

Lenox 30002-2L Hole Cutter Arbor

2L 1/2" Shank Hole Saw Arbor

PART#: 30002-2L
COST: $17.50


  • Chuck Size: 1/2"
  • Shank Type: Hex
Lenox 30003-3L Hole Cutter Arbor

3L 1/2" Shank Hole Saw Arbor

PART#: 30003-3L
COST: $18.00


  • Chuck Size: 1/2"
  • Shank Type: Solid / Hex

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LeadCheck Instant Lead Testing Swabs

LeadCheck Instant Lead Testing Swabs

PART#: 8S20C
COST: $24.50

Self-contained test units which provide a rapid, easy to use, specific test for lead on any surface.


100 Pc Master Screwdriver Bit Set

PART#: W1389
COST: $9.95

Includes phillips, slotted, torx, clutch, spline, square, spanner, hex, triwing, pozi, metric bits and holders.


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