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Fein MultiMaster - Renovating Windows, Doors

A safe bet for windows, and the number one for doors!

Windows, garage doors and outdoor installations can be renovated perfectly with the Fein MultiMaster. Windows are coarse sanded with a grain of 40 or 60. After this, smooth the surface in a second operation with grain 150 or 180, and achieve excellent results in next to no time. You are best using the carbide rasp for heavily weathered surfaces. Using this coarse sand with approximately 5 times the sanding capacity. Even brittle puttied edges can be removed quite simply and without any danger of glass breakage. The result is completely renovated windows in a surprisingly short space of time.

Sanding Frames

Perfectly sanded surfaces for all conditions of material with the comprehensive range of sanding sheets from 36 to 800 grain.

See MultiMaster Sanding Pads & Paper

Sanding Spaces & Profiles

The flat sanding pad also gives you access to tight spaces, e.g. the slats of shutters.

See MultiMaster Sanding Pads & Paper

Dust-Free Sanding

A dust-free operation with dust extraction for spotlessly clean results.

See MultiMaster Accessory Kits

Sanding and Polishing Stone Window Sills

Natural or artificial stone window sills can be optimally worked with the special series of sanding materials and the polishing pad.

See MultiMaster Sanding & Polishing Accessories

Sanding Down Signs of Weathering

With the carbide rasp, remove even stubborn signs of weathering thoroughly and also very quickly thanks to the high sanding capacity.

See MultiMaster Sanding Accessories

Profile Sanding

The Fein MultiMaster with the profile sanding set is ideal for sanding garage doors, tongue and groove boards on houses and other concave and convex profiles.

See MultiMaster Accessory Kits

Working Right Into Every Corner

Renovate very old windows perfectly and work effortlessly right into the corner with the HSS segment saw blade; time-consuming rework is no longer required.

See MultiMaster Saw Blades

Removing Glass and Putty

Brittle puttied edges can be removed without any problem and without any danger of glass breakage.

See MultiMaster Saw Blades

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LeadCheck Instant Lead Testing Swabs

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