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Fein MultiMaster - Floor Coverings

Restore your floors and gain ground in no time at all!

Perfect for work covering floors: the Fein MultiMaster caters for the entire range of tasks when it comes to floors - from effortlessly removing old floor coverings, such as carpet or PVC to cutting parquet, laminate, floor strips and door jambs to shape, right through to sanding parquet flooring accurately into difficult corners and edges. The Fein MultiMaster saves you a great deal of time and effort in all operations with its accessories that are specially developed for individual applications.

Cutting Floor Coverings

With the convex segment blade you are even able to cut rigid material, such as plastic or carpet simply and without any problems.

See MultiMaster Cutting Blades

Removing Floor Coverings / Adhesive Residues

Carpet adhesive residues, coatings or other stubborn materials do not stand a chance against the rigid stopping knife.

See MultiMaster Scraping Blades

Altering Door Jambs Exactly

The E-Cut saw blades with the highest precision and cutting speed will impress you when it comes to altering door jambs for higher floor coverings, as well as for recesses in parquet and laminate.

See MultiMaster E-Cut Saw Blades

Trimming Parquet and Laminate

Whether parquet or laminate or composite materials, the universal E-CUT saw blade enables everything to be cut exactly and appropriately for the particular material.

See MultiMaster E-Cut Saw Blades

Sanding Down Parquet

Where others cannot even perform, the Fein MultiMaster will impress you with its sanding equipment, high sanding capacity and consistent results.

See MultiMaster Sanding Pads & Paper

Sawing Out Floor Strips

It is possible to saw out fitted floor strips without damaging the wall and floor, thereby avoiding time-consuming touch-up work.

See MultiMaster E-Cut Saw Blades

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