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Fein MultiMaster - Car Repairs Of All Kinds

Bring your workshop into the car!

Top class vehicle repairs: with its versatile range of applications - from cutting out body parts right through to paint and polishing work - the Fein MultiMaster is an effective solution for regular repairs and customizing car applications. It works with considerable precision and its high sanding capacity is particularly energy saving. A great benefit in those difficult-to-reach places. Its range of accessories perfectly adapted to the working conditions and materials makes it an ideal tool for automotive applications.

Cutting Out Body Parts

Cut sheet steel and plastics up to a max. 1 mm thick with the carbide segment blades, free of burrs and non-warping and a minimum of flying sparks - without complicated touch-up work. Can also be used universally in corners.

See MultiMaster Saw Blades

Panel and Bodywork Repairs

The round HSS segment saw blades are particularly suitable for panel repairs to the accident-damaged vehicles. These can be rotated several times on the drive shaft, which considerably increases the service life.

See MultiMaster Saw Blades

Removing Underseal

Even underseal and other stubborn coatings can be removed easily with the rigid stopping knife in the best possible time.

See MultiMaster Cutting & Scraping Blades

Restoring and Renovating Paint

Paint defects, flaws and areas that you would otherwise have to sand by hand, are made for the Fein MultiMaster. High sanding capacity and an even sanding pattern are guaranteed.

See MultiMaster Sanding Pads & Paper

Adding Fittings

With the MiniCut and file set even the tiniest of cuts 10 mm and above are not a problem, not even in those difficult-toreach places. Available for plastics, metals and wood.

See MultiMaster E-Cut Saw Blades

Polishing to a Bright Shine

The felt polishing pad set brings a bright shine back to paintwork and chrome, but also works brilliantly on wood and stone.

See MultiMaster Polishing Pads

Finishing Aluminium Rims

The particularly soft sanding materials from Fein enable you to work gently but thoroughly. They enable you to work aluminium rims effectively, but also carry out sensitive paintwork.

See MultiMaster Sanding Pads & Paper

Sanding In Tight Spaces

The sanding finger is very effective for working tight or hidden spots.

See MultiMaster Sanding Pads & Paper

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LeadCheck Instant Lead Testing Swabs

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