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Fein Supercut FSC 2.0-TK with Tile Kit

With the Fein SuperCut and the Tile kit, you can cut through every type of grouting material, plastic or cement trass joints-fast, with absolute precision and practically without generating dust. Damage to adjacent tiles is avoided. This also makes it possible to replace only the tile grout itself.

Fein SuperCut FSC 2.0-TK Kit
Fein SuperCut Tile Accessories

Standard Equipment:

  • SuperCut FSC 2.0
  • Tile Kit:
    2 Carbide Rasps
    Segmented Diamond Blade
    Mushroom Blade
    Scraper Blade
    2 E-Cut Long Saw Blades, Widths: 32 & 42mm
  • 1 Hex-to-Round Mount Adapter
  • Wrench
  • Deluxe Carrying Case


See the new Supercut FSC 2.0Q-TS.


  • Rating: 120 V, 3.3 Amps
  • Power Input: 400 Watts
  • Power Output: 220 Watts
  • No-load OPM: 11,000 to 18,500
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs


  • The Fein SuperCut has a high-performance 400 Watt motor for rapid working progress in all fields of application.
  • This heavy duty tool oscillates 4 degrees at 18,500 strokes per minute.
  • Drive with oil-bath lubrication for long life.
  • Blades fit onto a twelve-position-splined shaft for efficient power transmission and exact positioning.
  • Rapid cutting and removal of a wide variety of materials.

Tile Kit Applications

Fein SuperCut Scraper Blade Application Removing Adhesive & Coating Residues
New floor coverings require a clean base. The scraper blade can be used toremove persistent adhesive and coating residues, quickly and easily

Fein SuperCut Blade Application Replacing Tiles
The diamond-coated saw blade cuts through marble, epoxy resin and concrete trass joints. Tiles can then be broken up and removed without difficulty.

Fein SuperCut Diamond Blade Application Sanding Down Cement & Adhesive
The hard alloy rasp can be used to sand flat old tile adhesive before retiling. Plaster remnants or lime residues in corners can be removed quickly and easily.

Fein SuperCut Mushroom Blade Application Removing Excess Grout
Damaged elastic silicone or acrylic grout can be removed quickly and thoroughly using the mushroom shaped blade. New grout can then be applied, with no retouching work required.

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