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Amana Router Bits

Amana router bits are designed for the highest quality of cut, maximum cutting efficiency, longest tool-life and ease of re-sharpening. A new 600-grit mirror-finish grind is now standard on most Amana Tool router bits. This conforms to the highest surface quality finish available anywhere in the world.

Don't see your particular router bit?
If you want to order a router bit that we don't stock simply e-mail us a special order using our Special Order Form or call toll-free at 1-877-551-8665. We order router bits from amana every wednesday and can ship special orders the next day.

Don't know the router bit number?
To find the part number of a router bit we don't stock click the link below to open the amana wood router bit portable doc file (pdf) or browse the amana website at

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Amana Router Bits

All router bits are carbide-tipped unless stated otherwise.

Amana molding router bits
Architectural & Crown Molding Router Bits

Drawing Line, Crown, Architectural, Special Interest

Amana bevel trim router bits
Bevel Trim Router Bits

2-Flute, 3-Flute, 4-Wing Cutter Assembly, Combo Bevel & Flush

Amana bowl core router bits
Bowl & Tray, Ball End and Core Box Router Bits

Bowl & Tray, Ball End, Core Box, Core Box With Bearings

Amana Bullnose Router Bits
Bullnose, Handgrip and Convex Router Bits

Bullnose Radius, Bullnose Radius W/ Bearing, Hand Grip Plunge, Bullnose/Cove Edge, Convex Edging

Amana chamfer router bits
Chamfer Router Bits

2-Flute With Ball Bearing Guide

Amana corner beading router bits
Corner / Edge Beading Router Bits

Corner Beading, "Leaf-Edge" Beading, Matched Bead, Triple Beading

Amana corner rounding router bits
Corner Rounding and Beading Router Bits

Corner Rounding 1/4" & 1/2" Shank, Beading 1/4" & 1/2" Shank

Amana cove router bits
Cove Router Bits

Cove With Bearing, Classical Bead & Cove, Classical Cove & Bead, Bullnose / Cove Edge

Amana dovetail router bits
Dovetail Router Bits

1/4" Shank, 1/2" Shank, Dovetail With Bearings

Amana finger grip router bits
Finger Grip and Door Lip Router Bits

Finger Grip (Drawer Pull, Door Lip, Etc), Door Lip Assembly

Amana flush trim router bits
Flush Trim Router Bits

Plunge, 2-Flute, 3-Flute, "V"-Groove, Combo Bevel & Flush Trim

Amana fluting router bits
Fluting Router Bits

Edge-Fluting, Edge-Fluting Assembly, Triple Fluting

Amana handrail router bits
Handrail and Table Edge Router Bits

Handrail / Table Edge, Handrail

Amana joinery router bits
Joinery Router Bits

"Box Joint" Set, Tongue & Groove, Wedge Tongue & Groove, Finger Joint, 45 Degree Lock Miter, Glue Joint

Amana keyhole router bits
Keyhole and Amerock Hinge Router Bits

Keyhole, Special Amerock Hinge

Amana mortising router bits
Mortising Router Bits

Mortising 2-Flute, Mortising 2-Flute Cutters & Arbors

Amana ogee router bits
Ogee Router Bits

Ogee, Ogee FIllet, Roman Ogee, Wavy Edge

Amana overhang trim router bits
Overhang Trim and No-File Router Bits

Overhang Trim, No-File™

Amana panle pilot router bits
Panel Pilot Router Bits

Panel Pilot Single-Flute, Panel Pilot Stagger Tooth With Plunge Point

Amana plunge form router bits
Plunge Form Router Bits

Round-Over, Traditional, Classical, Classical With Bearings, Ogee, Raised Panel

Amana rabbeting router bits
Rabbeting Router Bits

Rabbet, Multi-Rabbet, Superabbet

Amana raised panel router bits
Raised Panel Router Bits

Horizontal, Horizontal With Back Cutter, Vertical

Amana slotting router bits
Slotting Router Bits

Slotting Cutter Assemblies, "Quadraset" Adjustable Assembly, 2 & 3-Wing Slotting Cutters, T-Slot

Amana solid carbide router bits
Solid Carbide Trim Router Bits

Hole & Flush Trimmer, Flush Or Bevel Trimmer, Flush & Bevel Trimmer, Rip & Slotting, "V"- Grooving, Veining

Amana fluted router bits
Spiral Flute Plunge Router Bits

Solid Carbide "Upcut" & "Downcut"

Amana stile & rail router bits
Stile & Rail Router Bits

Reversible Assemblies, 2-Piece Sets, "V" Paneling, Window Sash

Amana plunge router bits
Straight Plunge Router Bits

Single-Flute 1/4" & 1/2" Shank, Double-Flute 1/4" & 1/2" Shank, Stagger-Tooth Plunge, Undersized Plywood Dado

Amana v groove router bits
"V"- Groove Router Bits

90 Degree "V"-Groove, 60 Degree "V"-;Groove, "V"-Groove With Bearings, Sign Making / Lettering

Amana Router Bit Sets

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LeadCheck Instant Lead Testing Swabs

LeadCheck Instant Lead Testing Swabs

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100 Pc Master Screwdriver Bit Set

PART#: W1389
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Includes phillips, slotted, torx, clutch, spline, square, spanner, hex, triwing, pozi, metric bits and holders.


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