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Kreg Pocket Hole Systems
Pocket hole joinery is so fast, strong, and simple, woodworkers are placing their other methods on the shelf and using it in virtually all applications. The Kreg Jig K3 Master System utilizes a unique three-hole spacing concept and the ability to change pocket hole height to allow for unmatched flexibility in hole placement. The jig is perfect for the woodworker that would like to use pocket holes in various material thicknesses and in a number of different applications, both in the woodshop and on the work site.
The Quick and Easy Process
The same general technique is used in all wood joining applications.

1. Cut the wood square.

2. Clamp the rail into the Kreg jig.
3. Set the depth collar on the drill bit then drill the holes through the hardened steel drill guides.

4. Temporarily clamp the stile and rail to hold flush.
5. Insert the self-tapping pocket hole screws and then drive to pull joint tight.
Component Information
Kreg Jig K2000 has been upgraded to the new K3 Master System
The K2000 is available as the core component or the ProPack pocket hole system. Three-hole design provides flexible vertical and horizontal spacing of pocket holes for maximum joint strength. This system was designed to give all levels of woodworkers the necessary tools to complete virtually any pocket hole project.
Step Drill Bit
The bit used to drill the pocket holes forms a flat bottomed pocket and screw guide hole in one operation. The guide hole helps to align the screw so that it exits directly in the center of the work piece while the flat bottom of the pocket ensures that the screw head has a flat surface to grip.
Self-tapping Screws
One of the most important components of the pocket hole system is the self-tapping screw. The auger tip of the screw drills its own hole, which relieves stress on the wood that may otherwise cause the work piece to split. Construction time is reduced by eliminating the need to predrill the second work piece and facing members can be permanently joined without waiting for glueing and clamping time normally associated with dowel, biscuit, or mortise & tenon joinery.

It is also important to use the different types of screw threads for various material hardness. Standard lengths are ...
1" screw in 1/2" thick material,
11/4" in 3/4" material, and
21/2" in 11/2" material.
Pocket Hole Plugs
Most of the time pocket holes will be placed on the backside of the work piece out of view. If the pocket hole will be in a visible location one may plug the holes with specially cut 3/8" solid wood pocket hole plugs available in various solid wood species. Plastic caps are also available for MDF and melamine. These plugs are made from accurate dowel for a great fit, and cut to match the pocket's angle for minimal sanding.
Face Clamps
Face clamps insure a flush joint every time. Without clamping the joint can mis-align if the screw follows the grain, but face clamps keep the work pieces in alignment regardless of the screw's trajectory. For flat stock, such as face frames, mitered picture frames and other similar joints the face clamp is a fast and simple solution. The clamp's large pad also keeps the clamp from marring the wood.


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