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Work Sharp WS3000 Wood Tool Sharpener

The Work Sharp WS3000 is a precision wood tool sharpener that offers unmatched accuracy, ease of use, and repeatability. This innovative dry sharpening system produces predictable and accurate results every time on a multitude of chisels, plane irons, lathe tools, carving tools and more.

Drill Doctor WS3000 Drill Bit Sharpener

Standard Equipment:

  • WS3000 Wood Tool Sharpener
  • 2 Tempered Glass Wheels
  • Slotted See-Through Wheel
  • Top Tool Rest
  • Crepe Stick (Abrasive Cleaner)
  • PSA Abrasive Kit:
    One P120 Abrasive
    One P400 Abrasive
    One P1000 Abrasive
    One Micro-Mesh 3600 Honing Abrasive
    One Slotted P80Abrasive
    One Slotted P400Abrasive
    One Slotted P1200Abrasive
    2" X 2" P400 Abrasive

Optional Accessories:

PART#: WS3000
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  • Motor: 1/5 Horsepower
  • Speed: 580 RPM
  • Cooling System: Heat Sink with Routed Airflow


  • Air Cooled, Dry Sharpening System: routed air flow and heat sink system keeps tools cool without the mess of a wet system.
  • Maintenance Free, 150mm Tempered Glass Grinding Wheel: provides an always flat and true grinding surface on which to adhere PSA abrasives.
  • Precise Repeatability: sharpening port enables precise and repeatable bevel angles of 20, 25, 30 and 35 degrees for chisels and plane irons up to 2" wide.
  • Adjustable Top Tool Rest: makes freehand sharpening easier and more precise.
  • Sharpening Port Lapping Surface: Unique "plunge-pull" sharpening technique and Sharpening Port abrasive increases burr removal and speeds sharpening.
  • T-Slot Mounting System: lets you mount the Top Tool Rest and other accessories for unique tools.
  • Fast and Easy to use, No jigs needed:Select desired angle and sharpen; lapping abrasive in sharpening port increases burr removal and speeds sharpening.
  • Precision: rigid bevel angle settings and Skew Cam provide precise positioning of the Sharpening Port. Bevel and skew geometry are not affected by wheel diameter, chisel size, or complex user setup.
  • Tool Construction: cast-aluminum top; sheet metal housing; impact and vibration-resistant, tool grade plastic base.
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty.

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