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Hitachi NT65GS Gas Powered Finish Nailer

NT65GS Gas Powered Finish Nailer

16 gauge straight, 3.6v lithium-ion. 4 lbs, lightweight and well balanced for easy maneuverability. Includes 3.6v lithium ion batteries, dual car/wall charger, no mar tip, hex bar wrench, safety glasses, carrying case

About Hitachi Lithium-Ion Technology

More about Hitachi's HXP Lithium Ion Batteries

Hitachi's approach towards Lithium Ion technology takes advantage of the preferred 18V platform at the core of the cordless market. Hitachi's line reduces the barrier to entry. HXP batteries are backwards compatible so those who already own and use Hitachi 18V DMR or DVF3 cordless drills can invest in Hitachi Lithium Ion tools and use the HXP battery in their new or older Hitachi models. This prevents users from having to purchase a whole new platform with unique voltages that are independent of anything else they own.

A major benefit to Hitachi's HXP Lithium Ion battery technology is the significantly improved length of overall life. HXP batteries have a life of approximately 1300-1500 cycles (# of times a user can recharge) as opposed to about 500 times for recharging NiMH or NiCd batteries. Lasting 3x longer, HXP batteries do not have to be replaced as often saving the user money. The run time or time between charges for Hitachi HXP batteries is extended as well. The run time is determined by the Ah (Amp Hour) of the battery, not the battery technology per se. Hitachi HXP batteries are 3.0Ah, while many competitors fail to mention they are only using 1.2Ah and 2.6Ah batteries. Because of the 3.0Ah rating, Hitachi HXP batteries last longer between charges.

Another advantage is weight. By using the HXP lithium ion battery to power a tool, a user will feel as though they are working with a 12V, while experiencing the power of an 18V. HXP battery technology reduces the weight by approximately a pound per tool making it more manageable to use all day with less fatigue- yet not sacrificing power by any means.

HXP lithium ion batteries differ from traditional NiCd and NiMH in that they maintain a steady level of power throughout the charge. With a traditional battery, power begins to drain the moment the trigger is pulled and continues to decline until it dies- which can be quite noticeable to the user. HXP batteries maintain a relatively flat power curve from the moment the trigger is pulled until they need to be recharged- ensuring the user will tap the full power during use.

The unique Universal charger from Hitachi will charge 7.2V up to 18V lithium ion as well as NiCd and NiMH batteries for flexibility and convenience. The proprietary technology in the Universal charger provides HXP Lithium Ion batteries with overcharge/discharge protection so the battery won't overheat or lose power. Also, the Universal charger does not suffer from memory effect- meaning the battery gets a full charge each time.

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LeadCheck Instant Lead Testing Swabs

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PART#: 8S20C
COST: $22.50

Self-contained test units which provide a rapid, easy to use, specific test for lead on any surface.


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